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The GAME is in my neck of the woods right now promoting his 5th studio album, Jesus Piece. Raheem DeVaughn had him as a guest at Blism FM to talk about the project and preview some tracks exclusively to us. So I’m going to share my notes that I jotted down and what I remember, if I forget something I’ll come back and update it when I get back from the club with this nigga. Also the next record for his Sunday Services series will be called “Holy Water” and will NOT be on Jesus Piece but will be released as a leak this Sunday. Jesus Piece in stores December 11th.

Celebration (Remix) feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Game told us the background to the Bone Thugs feature on the remix of his first single. He says he called each member individually, flew them out to his studio in L.A. and didn’t tell them that he invited the whole group there. Once they got there and realized what happened, instead of beef, there was love. Game painted the picture of them hugging out their differences and even some tears were shed amongst the Eazy E discovered rap collective.

I Remember feat. Future & Young Jeezy – This record was dope, Future delivers his signature auto tune and executes. The concept of the record is Game recalling his life in the streets and more specifically different women he’s dealt with over the course of his life. Jeezy verse was fire, Future on the hook and has the third verse (I think).

Lady feat. Jeremih, Big Sean, Lil Wayne & Fabolous (Prod. Cool & Dre) – This was a radio friendly record, obviously for the ladies if the title didn’t give that away. Fab’s verse wasn’t on there yet but Sean Don and Tunechi killed it. It samples a D’Angelo record.

Pray feat. J. Cole (Prod. Cool &a Dre) – This is where things get introspective and more conscience, I guess you could say. Game talks about being with a female who was dealing with a lot of trouble in her life and ended up cutting her wrists and being suicidal. J. Cole talks about a female he would mess with while on the road sometimes who ended up getting abused by her husband/boyfriend. Very dope.

Ali Boombabye/Bumbaye feat. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross – Banger alert. This shit was hard, that’s the the best way to describe it. Game says it was inspired by Muhammad Ali but he just played around with the wording and added Bumbaye (Boom-Bah-Ye). It’s tight, when you hear it, it’s definitely going to be a favorite. 2 Chainz went off on this and I liked the hook a lot.

Church feat. Trey Songz – We didn’t hear this but GAME says he called Tremaine about his album being called “Chapter V” and Game at the time, had the album “F.I.V.E”. Trey did this to return the favor of making off with the album title.

Jesus Piece feat. Kanye West & Common – We didn’t get to hear this but Yeezy’s on the hook and Common’s on the third verse.

*Kevin Hart has couple of skits on the album
*Jamie Foxx is also on the album
*These are not all of the songs on the album and some are subject to change. However the album stays within the theme of “Jesus Piece” with the song titles and concepts.

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  • Callmenever

    This album looks like the biggest flop of the decade. This just proves Game can’t make a solo album without features boosting his lackluster presence on every track. Game, wtf were you thinking?

  • Btnhboard

    That’s a nice story and all but it’s full of BS. First of all bone thugs all knew about the studio session & and did he fly them all out when they all live in LA apart from wish, it was under a strict no recording no photography except pics for Games twitter. Wish was in Cleveland so he got the song emailed and sent his verse later. Awesome story to sell the song but not true.

  • Stephen Colbert

    Callmenever is a fool, the album looks solid. Everyone has features these days and Game’s verses are far from lackluster.

  • John Stewart

    My god… the legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony? I hope this starts a trend and more people start having Bone feature on their albums. They always brings out the best of everyone they ever collaborate with – Tupac, Notorious BIG, Run DMC, Tech N9NE, Twista, Busta Rhymes, etc.

    having Bone in the thick of things would raise the standard of hip hop in heartbeat.

  • The Game Jesus Piece

    Game + J. Cole = Hot!

  • callmenever

    Stephen Colbert, I feel sorry for you. You probably go around defending Game’s honor whenever someone speaks the truth about his recent mediocre material. Please take his nuts out of your mouth. Game fell of hard after L.AX., deal with it faggot. Now excuse me while I go listen to Ricanstruction, a real hip hop album. Game should take pointers.

  • Jayceon

    @climinever you have to ya mouth bitch,you know nothing ’bout Game you idiot