Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 8 Season 2 (Full Episode)


Here’s the newest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2. Everyone hates Kirk.

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  • CarrieAnna

    first 2nd and third bich

    Rasheeda confronts Kirk; Joseline presses Stevie for more commitment; Erica takes drastic measures to ensure financial security; Ariane auditions to sing back up.
    A weekend getaway at a lake house takes a wild course; Joseline reveals her expectations regarding Stevie; Drew sets out to lure Traci away from her boyfriend; and Scrappy must make a big decision.
    Scrappy is accused of violating his probation; Mimi is sick of her boyfriend; Rasheeda films a sexy video; Stevie reunites with Joseline.
    Stevie comes between Mimi and Nikko; K.Michelle’s career is threatened by her brawling.
    Joseline’s jealousy could potentially destroy her relationship with Stevie. Meanwhile, Shay has regrets about Scrappy, and doubts rise about Nikko.
    Rasheeda tells Kirk she is pregnant; Joseline only wants Stevie to work with her; Traci tries to stop Drew from only hiring hot girls.
    Dramas center on Stevie’s new artist and Joseline. Elsewhere, Mimi introduces her new beau, and Rasheeda receives big news from her doctor.
    Engagement dramas impact Erica and Scrappy. Elsewhere, Benzino is confronted about the rumors he’s been spreading, and Traci’s issues with Drew deepen.
    Erica wants to stall the engagement; Stevie and Joseline confront Benzino; Traci finds a woman in Drew’s apartment.
    Joseline wants Stevie J. to cut out the shenanigans. Drew needs Traci’s help to stay in Atlanta with their child. Momma Dee springs her trap on Scrapp…
    Season 2 opens with Mimi celebrating a new beginning, but questions remain about her feelings for Stevie J. Meanwhile, Momma Dee plots to keep Scrappy and Erica apart; and K. Michelle focuses on her career.