Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10


As promised. The full episode of Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10.

REWIND: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9

  • barzer101

    thank you

  • DDot Omen

    ^No problem, remember to check back for the next episode

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    No problem. Check back for the new episode this weekend.

  • witchii

    cool, TYVM!!!!!!

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    witchii No problem!

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    JohnaDe Absolutely! check back this weekend for episode 11!

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    barzer101 Of course! Check back this weekend for the next episode

  • EdwardUbiquitousBowman

    skyler acting like a fucking nutcase as usual

  • TheSuperNigga

    Ya’ll niggas always come through. For some reason AMC wants you to verizon your cable provider now -_-

    Nigga I live in a ROOM, how would I have admin access to that?!

  • DDot Omen

    Glad we could help

  • keith026

    man, ppl are poor these days…cant afford cable and I work 40 plus hours a week. where can i watch this tonight that does not infest my pc with spyware? Thanx

  • chillimilli

    I just watched this Episode in HD!!! Skyler is such a stupid bitch I hope she will die slowly in the end oh and I had to watch the scene twice in which Marie bitchslapped her. :D