Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11


As promised. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11. Watch below.

REWIND: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10

  • Gbh

    So fucken awesome

  • GBE

    Thanks so much guys! You are always providing with nice quality and quick posts!

  • ddotomen

    GBE no problem!

  • JohnaDe

    Thanks so much, You all are awesome!!

  • witchii

    just wanna say thank you so much for posting all the b. bad vids- i can’t even afford basic cable so you guys rock. peace.

  • Deltaround

    Awesome episode but I’m lost on the last scene.i remember about the Racine in the cigarette but who the hell is this Brock dude that Jessie’s talking about?

  • witchii

    Deltaround he was the young son of jesse’s last girlfriend- the woman he was ready to settle down with- until ww interfered…

  • TaylerThompson

    I’m confused too at the last part. How did Jesse put together the cigarette and Saul having something to do with helping Walt poison Brock? And didn’t they determine in that episode that it was that Lily of the Valley? I just don’t see how it all suddenly came to him.

  • MichaelBarrs

    TaylerThompson  I’m with you there, Tayler…sort of throw me also.

  • leelooparks

    i am completely addicted to BB. Thank you whomever is posting these recent episodes…
    will we see 5 12 anytime soon? <3

  • JuliusEkaManRowe

    TaylerThompson Because he still remembered that his ricin went missing and walt “found it” he put two and two together and realized saul took the ricin so that walt could frame gus

  • SaraMyraHooper

    Very addicting show. I do not have cable and just finished watching all seasons and now ready to see the final episodes. I am bookmarking this website. Thanks for posting the videos. Curious… how soon after the episodes air are you able to upload them to your website?

  • Starrysky

    Joined so I could say “THANK YOU” for providing a way to watch the final season episodes. Wishing you a very “Happy Birthday” too!  Be back to watch tonight or whenever available.

  • jralliso

    Joined so I could say “THANK YOU” as well. How soon after the airing of tonight’s episode will the new BB be available to watch here?

  • TaylerThompson

    MichaelBarrs TaylerThompson I figured it out! He was checking his pockets for his weed, realized that he was pickpocketed, and that’s how he put together how the cigarette went missing before.

  • TaylerThompson

    JuliusEkaManRowe TaylerThompson Nonono. I was confused about why he was checking his pockets, but I figured it out. He was checking for his weed, realized he was pick-pocketed, and that’s how he figured out how the Cig went missing in the first place.

  • Cammyhell

    Is anyone else having problems trying to watch episode 12?

  • rainbowstarz333

    I am having problems with Episode 11:( It wont play:(

  • mattybon

    Episode 11 won’t play

  • Gizmosc

    I can’t open episode 11. Anyone able to open it?