Scandal Season 3 Episode 1


Scandal Season 3 Episode 1 “It’s Handled”. Watch below.

  • angel6

    Thank you so much for posting Scandal so quickly. I had it recorded and my fiance erased it! He better be lucky i have ddotomen as back up.

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  • DipuoLeketi

    Awesome first episode,been waiting for season 3 n it was worth the wait.olivia wil break finding out wat fitz did to her?it was too gud to b true that side chicks wil get happy ending.#damn

  • DipuoLeketi

    Who leaked olivia’s name to the public.yours truly *fitz*

  • domdunn92

    i need help guys please help me. im trying to find somehere to wach spisode 1-3 as huluplus doesnt have them and i caint find them anywhere i just watch season 1 and 2 in 2 days and im hooked. you guys are saying you just watched it from this website i dnt know where you see link. i must be a dummy or something please help.

  • Nas_28

    Did u ever figure out how to view episode 1-3?

  • Indispensable91

    are these videos still available? I keep trying to watch the first episodes and they dont work…