Prison Break: Bryan Willman; Police Officer Shot & Killed Mike Brown Revealed

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I’ve been up the few days trying to ignore and suppress my emotions to this heinous crime when I heard the news about Mike Brown being gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri. As a 25 year old black male in America, you don’t even need to ask how I feel about cops. It brings be great pleasure to photo I.D. the “man” believed to be responsible for the death of Mike Brown. Thanks to Anonymous for revealing his name, I went and did a little digging of my own. Take a look. I could be wrong so God help whoever it is in that case, but then again if they can be trigger happy, so can I.

UPDATE: Bryan Willman’s entire Facebook page has now been deactivated.

I looked up any results of law enforcement in St. Louis matching up with the name “Bryan Willman”, what did I find? a Bryan Willman who worked at Saint Ann, Missouri Police Department.

Guess what? Saint Ann, Missouri is roughly 15 minutes from Ferguson, Missouri.

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  • Stacey Brooks- Valentine

    He’s not a cop and he wouldn’t have been doing a “routine” stop 15 minutes from his home base.

  • Stacey Brooks- Valentine

    Anonymous got it wrong. And now someone who has NO affiliation with this at all has been put in harm’s way along with his family.

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  • Film The Police Always

    The people at this point could care less whether or not he has anything to do with this unfortunately. I believe the people are looking to get even with any cop they can, and when they get their chance it’s going to be ugly. I’m a white guy, and I’m shocked at the hatred that cops and the system in general hates black people. The disdain for blacks is at such a high, that the only way for things to get fixed is for whats happening now. COPSMUST BE REQUIRED TO WEAR PERSONAL BODY CAMERAS THAT MUST BE ACTIVATED ON EVERY CITIZEN ENCOUNTER.

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  • atypical douchebag

    LOL anon you fucked up. wrong person. you’re going to now witness how the government deals with snitches that get it wrong.

    enjoy leroy in pound me in the ass prision!

  • Benne Van Haaster

    Either way… the people want justice and the government to own up to this. The ferguson p.d should’ve released the name after the incident if they didn’t want people to stick their noses where they shouldn’t. Now they’re going to deal with the consequences.

  • Edward Pink

    No the authorities have put someone in harms way because they were not being transparent with the public. The people need to know that police just cannot go around killing people and if they do they will be held to account for their actions. If people feel like they cannot get justice then they will try to seek it themselves. I hope this person even if it is the Ferguson Police Dept child killer does not get harmed in anyway but he must face justice.

  • Edward Pink

    The police in that town have clearly lost it pointing guns at unarmed people, firing tear gas at protesters and journalists fleeing their cameras and then being arrested.

    “The governor of Missouri will reportedly relieve St. Louis County law enforcement from policing the ongoing demonstrations in the town of Ferguson, paving the way for possible state or federal intervention.”

  • francesmacomber

    Why, because the police said so? Thats where the source saying hes not a *FERGUSON* officer is coming from. He’s part of a different unit.

  • atypical douchebag

    nope. multiple other sources are saying that its incorrect. not only that, theyve released 2 pictures. they fucked up on the first one. they fucked up on the second. they couldnt hack their way out of a wet paper bag.

  • KingFisher89

    Dude, he’s not even an “officer.” Look VERY closely at the job title listed in the very photo above on this website. Communications supervisor. He monitors the comm. equipment for the radios, makes sure dispatch is functioning properly, updates software, etc.

    As for sources saying this info is wrong? Try Anonymous themselves:

    On the internet this is called “trolling.”

  • Payda

    One of the people he follows is clearly party of the Saint Ann Police Department (SAPD)



  • Fred Carbone

    It’s kind of too bad you don’t know you’re stupid, DDot. Everyone else does, though, thanks to this idiotic article you posted.

  • Butch

    This is now considered by me a false source of news! You are now just as bad as fox! Congrats. You have no business running a news site. Your just a dummy on the corner gossiping.

  • Kromm

    Geez, don’t you feel like a fool now for helping to almost get an innocent guy killed?

  • Kromm

    You say “they” have to deal with the consequences, but how is Mr. Willman part of “they” if he doesn’t even work for them? (he’s not only not a cop, but he doesn’t work for the Ferguson P.D. either)

    Anonymous hasn’t even had the balls to apologize for this. You can’t preach about consequences with any moral authority if you completely try to duck them yourself.

  • Benne Van Haaster

    Here, have a cookie.

  • Steven DePriest

    I wonder if Bryan Willman has contacted his attorney to charge you with libel?

  • nocdib

    So do you still think that Bryan Willman shot Mike Brown, dumbass?

  • nocdib

    I’m glad that DDotmen are at least honest enough to not delete this post. It says something about people who have no fear in letting the Internet archive their unabashed stupidity.